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When I began coaching with Dina, I had just started a new executive position where my biggest challenge was transitioning from a sales job to a leadership position.

This career move marked a new journey and I knew that Dina was the perfect choice to assist me in meeting my challenges "head-on."  My biggest challenge was transforming from a quota-driven job to a leadership position.  Although my area of specialty was a perfect match for my new company, I still had to overcome the challenges of understanding how the business operated in addition to acting as an executive instead of a manager.

During our sessions, Dina encourages me to take on different perspectives and become curious about others and myself in addition to identifying resources that can help me through this transition.

Dina's background in project work, consulting and travel allow to her an understanding of what I am going through.  Dina's experience with change and working in stressful situations really helps her ask the right questions so I can focus on the issue at hand.  

What I like best about working with Dina is that she can empathize with me but she doesn't let me off the hook.  Her approachable and engaging manner make the coaching experience enjoyable yet provide results.  By the end of my session, I have usually figured out how I want to approach an issue and make me realize that focusing on the end goal is what is going to allow me to be successful.

Brett A Conner
Chief Operating Officer, Isotrak
When I sought out Dina to be my personal coach, I was not sure what to expect.  It was the first time for me to request such a service.  Over the last four months, my view on coaching and, especially, Dina's competent and assured support have not only transformed my view on coaching, but gave me personally a clear vision of how to proceed with my life goals.  The bi-weekly phone sessions allowed me to identify specific obstacles which kept me from reaching further and clarified my perspective on what is achievable and will greatly enrich my life.  Dina is clearly a master at this!

Rolf G, Silver Spring, MD

I began my coaching relationship with Dina in December 2013. We initially began the coaching around my weight issues. I am the resistant sort, and was definitely resistant to the initial coaching, especially around this particular issue. Once we began our third session, I began to correlate my weight issues to my resistance to my doing my life’s work. I have known for many years that I am an Intuitive and Healer, but I resisted the being of it.

During our third session, I began to see the way I had been stuffing my purpose correlated with my stuffing food. I took a step outside the safety of the box, and with Dina’s coaching, I began to explore the realm of being of service.

I opened myself up to a client, and then two. One of those clients was so moved by the reading that she became my agent, and as of last week. I have given forty-three readings. I have just been offered the opportunity to provide readings at a charity event. This opportunity will provide me with the visibility of being seen in an advertisement that goes out to over 5,000 subscribers.

Dina’s ability to hear what is being said, and what is being withheld has made this possible. Her manner is gentle when warranted and strong when resistance is pushing back. She has given me a new life.

Oh, and my weight. Well, it didn’t melt away overnight, but I have begun a 4-mile a day walk routine with the anticipation of getting back into running. Nothing worth having is easy, but Dina has definitely opened up my possibilities to a world I never knew existed.

K Sutton, Bluffton, SC
After coaching with Dina, I found I had a clearer vision of my goals and felt they were attainable.  Writing down my life purpose statement was a huge benefit in one of the first coaching sessions, as it mentally brought me back to what I want out of life and made decision making easier for me.  Three times in the first month of coaching, I was reminded of my life purpose statement and it helped me make the right decision to achieve my dreams.

Lily K., Charlotte, NC
Right before I left my job in New York to move to a new company and position in Washington, DC, I began working with Dina.  I was anxious and uncertain about my upcoming change.  I was leaving my family and friends to return to a city where I lived a decade ago.

While in New York, I felt my life was out of balance.  I was spending so much time working and commuting, that I neglected taking care of my health and well-being in addition to my personal relationships.  The hectic pace of my life in New York left me little time to exercise and eat properly.  I was so focused on work that I neglected myself and those who mattered to me.  I was yearning to regain the control I once had in my life.

The biggest impact from my coaching sessions with Dina is my change in perspective.  Working with her has allowed me to realize that that I have choices in life.  Dina asks pointed questions that force me to look at and think of things in a different way.  And she further challenges me with homework assignments that include tasks as simple as an inquiry to something more complex as a health and time management plan. 

Dina makes me be accountable and as a result, I am trying different things and making positive changes in my life.  I’m taking time to exercise and am making better food choices.  My relationships with my family have improved.  How I respond to issues is different now as well; I do not react in the same way as I had previously.  My reactions now allow me to feel more powerful and in control.

What I really like about Dina is that she asks questions that challenge me – in a good way.  She asks the right questions and this allows me to get to the root of the problem.  I wish I had started coaching with her earlier before I left my job in New York!

Dina is a fantastic coach and I look forward to continue our coaching relationship.  She is fun yet professional; I feel that she really understands my needs but she doesn’t let me take the easy way out.  Her coaching sessions allow me to tap into what is really happening and really get me to take action.  Coaching has allowed me to see positive changes not only in my personal relationships but also in my work life.  I feel more powerful and in control of my life and can’t wait to experience more successes!

Amanda Graye, Washington, DC